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Custom Information

The organizers have ruled that no other freight forwarder will be allowed to work onsite or within the exhibition hall other than the appointed official freight forwarder for customs clearance, to transport your products directly to your booth and repackaging, delivering your products back to your country.

DO NOT SEND DELIVERIES DIRECTLY TO THE VENUE. Please kindly note that the venue will not accept any direct orders. The Organisers will not accept deliveries and take no responsibility for shipments made directly to the venue.

The ApiExpo team advise you to contact with ( ROCK-IT GLOBAL ) timely, to plan the transportation process, as well as to prepare the complete set of required documents for customs in advance to minimize risks of inconsistences and to avoid interruption of smooth transportation process of your loads.

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Official Freight Forwarding & Custom Clearance

Name : Francisca Donoso
Mobile : + 56 9 34696009
Email : [email protected]

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