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The transitory stay visa, according to Law 21.325, is granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its consular representations abroad, to foreigners from countries (See table of visas or prior authorization).

The aforementioned permits may be granted to those foreigners who intend to enter the country without intending to remain there; for the purposes of: recreation, sports, health, studies, business management, family or other similar purposes. The members and staff of public performances, athletes, lecturers, advisors, expert technicians, among others, may be considered.

The permit can be granted with a validity of 10 years, with one or multiple entries. The transitory stay visa must explicitly indicate its validity and the number of entries into the country allowed during the corresponding period. If the number of entries is omitted, it will be understood that they are unlimitedly admitted (The above is in the process of adjustment).

When multiple entries are authorized, such authorization must be justified by the consular authority. The transitory stay visa allows a stay of up to 90 days in the country and can be extended for a further 90 days by the National Migration Service, upon payment of a fee.

The entry authorization does not allow the performance of paid activities, except for legal exceptions contemplated in Art. 50 of Law 21.325, which authorizes a work permit, which must be processed in parallel on the platform of the National Migration Service in Chile. This work authorization does not oblige the granting of the transitory stay visa if the interested party does not meet the requirements.

Holders of transitory permanence cannot apply for a residence permit within Chile, except for the exceptions contemplated in Art.69 of Law No. 21.325.

The transitory stay visa must be processed on the "SAC Ciudadano" platform through the following link:

You must attach the following requirements, which must be gathered before submitting the application to the web:

(a) Complete the "SAC Ciudadano" Form, explaining the reason for the trip and length of stay.
(b) The request for multiple entries must be duly justified by the interested party, specifying the number of entries.
(c) Upload a color photograph against a white background, passport size (5x5 cm), full face.
(d) A copy of the valid passport personalization / biometric page.
(e) Verifiable hotel/accommodation booking reservation, or letter of invitation signed before a Chilean Notary Public, including a contact number of the person who is issuing the invitation. (The invitation can be made by Chileans, foreigners with valid immigration status in Chile, companies. They need to detail the reasons, length of stay and travel conditions of their guest, signed by the Legal Representative.)
(f) Evidence of residence (immigration status) in case of residing in a country other than that of their nationality. You must indicate the reason and attach the stamp of entry to the country.
(g) Evidence of personal economic income (last three salary slips and/or bank statements with their movements.)
(h) Do not have a prohibition to enter Chile according to the current immigration regulations.
(i) Requirement to enter Chile for minors under 18 years of age set forth in Art. 28 of the Immigration and Foreigners Law: Minors must enter the country accompanied by their mother, father, guardian or person in charge of their personal care. Otherwise, they must have a written authorization from one of the minor's parents, from a Court or from the competent Authority. The authorization must be legalized by a Chilean Consular authority in the country of origin, or include the corresponding apostilled certificate. They can also present a document recognized as valid by the Chilean border control authorities in virtue of the international agreements signed by Chile, which are currently in force.

Note: The Consul is empowered to request additional documents and a personal interview with the interested party. Submission of the background information does not oblige the Consular authority to grant the Permit to enter Chile.

The application process for the transitory stay visa is processed through the electronic platform SAC Ciudadano, the user must complete the form and upload the required documentation to the system.

The transitory stay visa can be rejected or approved, in both cases the user will be notified by email.

If the application is approved, the Consulate will send instructions for the payment of the permit, giving a period of 30 days to make the payment. Subsequently, the receipt proving the payment will be sent.

The electronic visa will be sent from the Mission's official mail to the personal email provided by the user. From that moment, you have 90 days to complete the trip or enter the country. It is the user's obligation to print the Permit and carry it at the time after entering the country along with their passport.

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